Horsford Range - Your 100m fullbore range in Norfolk

Covered Firing Point


The 100m covered firing point is a great improvement for the shooting experience at Horsford Range.

Individual shooting tables have been made for bench rest shooting but can easily be moved if you prefer prone.

Would all range users please clear up any brass and general rubbish and take it away with you.  



Running as normal


PLEASE NOTE: Our membership is now at maximum and we will not be taking any new members for the time being.  If you are interested in joining Smallburgh Club please let us know and we will put you on the waiting list.


The shop in Brundall is now fully open - 

At 5 The Street, NR13 5PD. Less than 5 minutes from the A47 at Brundall.

Opening times are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10-5. Saturday 10-2. Other times/days by appointment - for collection of orders etc.

Phone - 01603 717757 during shop hours
01603 327004 all other times (diverts to mobile when shop closed)

Best prices for Horsford members. 

I accept credit cards on all purchases subject to a 3% surcharge and signal permitting I can accept cards at the range.

BREAKING NEWS...............................................

Our government no longer trust some of it's most law abiding citizens (FAC HOLDERS)

3 Oct 2017 – The Home Office is using the most recent American mass murder in Las Vegas to try and rush through new bans on .50″ rifles and “rapid fire” rifles. 

Both are legal for certified owners in the UK.A government press release about the latest batch of bans in Britain (mostly headline-grabbing but minor changes to stop U18s buying sulphuric acid and knives) had this tacked onto the end:“…moving two firearms (.50 calibre and certain rapid firing rifles) from the general licensing arrangements to the stricter provisions of section 5 of the Firearms Act 1968.”As British shooters know, section 5 is the “prohibited weapons” section of the Act. 

Firearms and other weapons so classified are banned, meaning people holding ordinary firearm certificates cannot acquire or keep them. This is a gun ban plan.It is not clear what “certain rapid firing rifles” means from the press release and no further information is available at the moment. This is British government department SOP: throw the plan out first with no detail, ride the wave of “getting tough/positive action” headlines, and then drip-feed out the gory details once public attention has moved on. 

The term could mean anything from .22″ semi-autos to section 1 shotguns, though UKSN believes it probably refers to the innovative self-unloading rifles developed in recent years. This may include lever-release and MARS action rifles.With Home Secretary Amber Rudd becoming increasingly erratic in her Violet Elizabeth Bott-style rants at American social media companies for daring to use encryption in response to public demand, it seems that a police employee somewhere in the Home Office chain decided now was a good time to exploit the power vacuum above. The Home Office firearms unit was merged with its drugs unit in the last year and a key post on the firearms side 

was left gapped for months, though it was recently filled.Doubtless we will see explicit links drawn by government PRs in the coming days and weeks between the Las Vegas murderer and British target shooters, and the shooting sports.No legally held .50″ rifle has ever been implicated in any criminal offence in the UK. This is in contrast to Rudd’s plan to ban sulphuric acid after a spate of acid-throwing attacks, in spite of that substance’s many domestic and industrial uses..50″ rifles are typically used for very long range shooting (distances greater than 1,200yds) on military-certified field firing areas.

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