Horsford Range - Your 100m fullbore range in Norfolk

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Horsford Range
Horsford Range is the home of the Smallburgh Rifle & Pistol Club.  Having been a 500 yard range for many years the range certificate was lost due to new land owners removing our safety zone agreements with adjoining land in 1996.
After many years of hard work we now have a none safety zone 100m fullbore range with clay shooting options.   Our Police approved guest day is on the Third Sunday morning of each month were you can find out more.
Leave Norwich on the Reepham Road then at the new roundabout turn right continue until you cross the new NDR continue until you see a roundabout turning left in to Horsford Village.  When you will enter the village of Horsford follow the road through the village until you approach a cross road's at the end of the built-up area.  Turn RIGHT in to Green Lane and follow it for apx 100m when you will see a turning to the left.  You may pass the red flag at this point only - continue to the parking area.
SHOOTING PROGRAM.     (We shoot on the 1, 3 &  4 Weekend)  Smallburgh Shoots in BLUE *

1 Saturday AM – FREE        SR&PC Full-bore Rifle 10am start
1 Saturday PM –                   Reserved for SR&PC for future use
1 Sunday AM –                 SR&PC Clay shoot then Pistol shoot apx 11.00 hrs
1 Sunday PM – FREE         Reserved for SR&PC for future use

2 Saturday AM - FREE         Reserved for SR&PC for future use
2 Saturday PM -                RANGE BOOKED  Gun Rooms Section
2 Sunday AM – FREE          Reserved for SR&PC for future use
2 Sunday PM -                 RANGE BOOKED Classic 20's club Section

3 Saturday AM - FREE         SR&PC Full-bore Rifle 10am start
3 Saturday PM -                Reserved for SR&PC for future use
3 Sunday AM -                 CLAYS/RIFLE   (This is our approved guest day & split between clay/rifle)
3 Sunday PM –                  RANGE BOOKED VAA  (2pm to 5pm or dusk) 
4 Saturday AM – FREE         Reserved for SR&PC for future use
4 Saturday PM –                RANGE BOOKED Gun Rooms Section (2pm to 5pm or dusk)                  
4 Sunday AM –                 SR&PC Full-bore Rifle from 100 Metres (10am to 1pm)
4 Sunday PM - FREE           Reserved for SR&PC for future use  


What you can and can’t do at Horsford range PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND

SHOOTING TIMES   AM 10am to 1 pm PM  2pm to 5pm or Dusk
(Booking in)
PLEASE NOTE:  If your club has the AM booking please make sure all your members have cleared the range by 13.30 hrs to allow the next club to shoot.
I am sure that you all appreciate that it takes time to set-up and clear the range, our shoots can only start after 10am, later subject to time to set-up, however, the range is normally open just after 9.30 am.   If you want to shoot you must be on range and signed in by 11.30am after that we will close the range log.   Members signed in before 11.30 may continue to shoot their 50 clays or other discipline before finishing.
This rule also applies to PM shoots – last sign in at 3.30pm
Our range certificate is very clear on what firing position you can adopt.
100/50 Meters:  Kneeling/Setting on the firing point or at a table (Supported or Bench Rest to zero)
100/50 Metres:  Prone
100/50 Meters:  Standing Supported with a shooting stick  (ROs approval needed)
10/25 Metres:   Setting, Kneeling or Standing   (PISTOL CALIBRE ONLY IN THE LOWER STOP BUTTS).

When the range is active shooters must only use the right hand path when changing targets not the range road which can be closed off with a chain.
PLEASE NOTE:     Pistols (Inc long barreled classed as carbines) can only be used from 25m or 10m.    The 50m Firing point has been added to the safety certificate and is ready for use with the same rules as 100m

To speed up shooting from 100yards we plan to allow two shooters per firing point BUT WITH ONLY ONE PERSON FIRING AT ANY ONE TIME.      By using the approved club target frames which will hold two left & right targets giving four targets in total it is possible for a detail of 20 shooters to shoot before we need the time consuming target check and re-new.


If you are a full club member you may bring up to two guest's that you have known personally for over 2 years The law allows only three shooting guest days per visitor and by signing in to the club log you are confirming that they have not been prohibited from using or owning a firearm under S21 Firearms act 1968.

Interested in joining ?

If you would like to look at target shooting for your hobby call in and see us on a range day, we will try to answer any questions that you may have.    Unless you currently have a FAC and shoot at another club you will need to join the club as a probationary member before being allow to use a firearm.


No comps are currently planned but if you are interested please let us know.
Links.  The Law
Firearms Dealing at Horsford Range
If you are an approved RFD and want to sell ammo/guns at Horsford you must ask for approval in writing to our sec which will then be cleared by Norfolk Police Firearms


FOR SALE OR WANTED   Insertion fee £5.00 for 2 months
The Smallburgh Rifle & Pistol Club accept no responsibility for any items offered in this section of the website. They are solely the responsibility of the seller/buyer and will be subject to consumer regulations applying to those individuals.
Firearms and ammunition can only be sold or purchased if the necessary licence approval is held for those items.

LANBER 12g. O/U. M/C. 28" Barrels Complete with game bag & cartridge belt
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